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The core philosophy

When taught and applied properly, Pilates has proven itself to be an extremely effective and safe method of exercise for over 80 years. Chris is a purist, uses the original equipment and teaches the Authentic Pilates method, as taught by Joe Pilates. Each movement during the training session is initialized by the core muscle group (including the abdominal region, inner thighs and glutes) in order to protect, stabilize and lengthen the spine.

S6 Fitness is a system used by Chris and his staff. The following principles are steps in the system geared toward achieving the highest level of functional fitness. Whether in class or a private session, each client will work at his or her level and receive the personal attention needed to succeed.

Stability The ability to control joint integrity throughout the body. To keep the body safe and to maximize performance, all joints must be centered. This is the most important aspect of training.

Stamina The ability to maintain joint integrity for an extended period of time.

Stretch The ability to move throughout a full range of motion while maintaining joint integrity.

Strength The ability to move against resistance while maintaining joint integrity.

Speed The ability to move dynamically while maintaining joint integrity.

Synergy When using the body as a whole produces a greater result than using individual parts of the body.


Chris and his team provide individual attention and unparalleled quality training.

Chris Robinson
Chris RobinsonOwner and Head Trainer
As a lifelong athlete, Chris Robinson is constantly in pursuit of peak performance. With great passion and energy, the Houston native brings that drive to the service of his clients, including Oprah Winfrey, for whom he acted as personal core coach. A certified Pilates instructor with more than 15 years of professional fitness experience, Chris learned his craft directly from Pilates legend Romana Kryzanowska. He is a two-time Muay Thai kickboxing champion trained by Saekson Janjira and was a collegiate track and field athlete at San Diego State University, where he earned a degree in kinesiology.
Carrie South
Carrie SouthS6 Fit + Pilates Instructor
Carrie started working as a graphic designer after college and within a few years, even though she loved the profession, she learned she had too much energy to sit in an office all day. Having always been passionate about health and fitness, she decided to learn more about the human body and help people who are suffering in those desk chairs just like she was! Her workouts are challenging but controlled – everyone works to his or her level.
Jen Campbell
Jen CampbellPilates Instructor
Cassie Nevitt
Cassie NevittPilates Instructor
Cassie Nevitt began her training in authentic Pilates in 2002. A former gymnast, she suffered chronic low back and neck pain for years. After doctors’ visits and physical therapy proved unsuccessful, she was thrilled to find that her Pilates practice stabilized her back and neck, leaving her pain-free. After training with a variety of Romana’s Pilates certified instructors across the country, Cassie moved to New York to train full-time at True Pilates New York, under the direction of Romana Kryzanowska and her daughter, Sari Mejia-Santo. She achieved her certification in February 2007, and has taught in St. Louis, MO, Fort Collins, CO, Chicago, IL, and is pleased to be settled here in sunny San Diego, CA. She feels tremendous gratitude for the ways Pilates has enriched all aspects of her life, and thrives on helping her students achieve benefits above and beyond their expectations. Cassie loves to hike, ski, surf, and enjoy the beauty of nature. She lives with her husband and two dogs in Clairemont.
Federico DeSilva
Federico DeSilvaPilates Instructor
Since 1989, Federico has dedicated his life to the pursuit of excellence in corrective high performance exercise kinesiology. He is thorough in his biomechanical approach and has worked with elite athletes, post-rehab patients, children, and the elderly. He instructs quality weight training techniques and corrects faulty movement patterns to improve muscular imbalances and postural alignment.
Federico also specializes in authentic Romana’s Pilates and yoga for the mind body connection. He started Romana’s Pilates training in 1998. The Authentic Pilates Method fascinated Federico. He was certified in 2006, via Shari Mejia Santo, and Lori Coleman Brown. He continues his Pilates education workshops under Jerome Weinberg, Chris Robinson, Moses Urbano, and Jay Grimes. He uses Pilates to support/achieve his clients’/athletes’ sports performance, corrective exercise, rehabilitative and fitness needs and goals. To book with Fede, please call him at (858) 254-0853.
The Core Connection

As a personal trainer, Chris helps top athletes, celebrities and executives get into the best shape of their lives. This book presents the same workout they use to achieve peak fitness. It also tells the story of five ordinary men and women who followed my program for six weeks – and achieved dramatic results. Get the book.


We are fully dedicated to our clients’ success. S6 is far from your big box gyms, and it shows. Many clients have been training with Chris for five plus years and are satisfied with the personal attention and results they’ve seen!

“What a unique facility for all of your Powerhouse needs! Chris Robinson and his team will get you where you need to be. The Pilates studio has the very latest Gratz equipment to help a beginner to the most advanced student. Thank you Chris for helping reconnect me to my core as an athlete and a mother of four!” – Wendi C.

Love this place. Been training with Chris for years now. Guy knows his stuff!!
Brandon W.
The best Studio in San Diego!! Chris Robinson is one of top instructors around the world. Is an honor to receive a training with him!!!
Adriana M.
This is a church everyone should worship at. Whether it be through Pilates, Muay Thai, grappling, or general conditioning, Chris has the know-how to help everyone meet their fitness goals. Go. Sweat. Live.
Gene H.

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